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Dragon Focus

PTA is now Dragon Focus, a parent-teacher group dedicated to support the success of each student and enhancing the educational experience at NES.


President: Jennifer Baker
Vice-President: Angi Brown
Treasurer: Tabitha Tarter 
Secretary: Tina Wilson 


August 11th
September 15th 
October 20th
November 10th 
December 1st
January 19th
February 16th
March 16th
April 20th
May 11th

  Fruit Blast Breeze Slushies
                                    Country Meats Beef Jerky

**Dragon Dollars may be used to purchase items.

Monthly Birthday Club 
During the month of your child's birthday they will receive a cupcake and a 
drink to celebrate. Monthly birthday pictures are hung in the school's hallway.  Look for your child's picture when you visit.


Braggin' Dragon Postcards 
Postcards are given to students that exhibit positive behaviors during school hours.  When your child receives a postcard from his or her teacher they will take it to the office and trade it for a "Treat Card".  Then the "treat card" will be turned into the lunchroom on Fridays for a special treat.  Next their name will be entered into a drawing to be held the week before Christmas break. After Christmas break we will begin again.  Another drawing will be held before the end of school.  The more "Braggin' Dragons" they earn, the more times their name will be entered into the drawing increasing their  chances to winning some awesome prizes that PTA will be giving away.  Prizes include a flat screen TV, bicycles. DS 3D, Portable DVD player, gift cards, and other great prizes.