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Safety Letter

Safety Rules Handout

​Dear Parent,
During the month of April, I will be covering child abuse and safety during
my guidance lesson. Over one million children run away or are reported
missing or abducted each year, according to the United States Department
of Justice. This startling statistic, along with the thousands of cases
involving child abuse is alarming.
In order for our children to be protected, as guidance counselors, we are
trying to raise awareness of the need to educate our children against such
outrageous crimes. Our Children desperately need our guidance, support,
love, and trust when they come and tell us of their experiences. These are
twelve safety rules from the “The National Center for Missing and Exploited
Children” as a guideline. This is not a complete “Safety Program” but a start
in recognizing the need for education against child abduction, abuse, and
exploitation. Please take time to sit down and discuss with your children.
1. If you get separated from your parents in a public place, do not wander around
looking for them. Go to a security officer, checkout counter, or a lady with children
and tell them that you have lost your mom or dad and need help.
2. Do not get into a car or go anywhere with a person unless your parents have given
you permission.
3. If someone follows you on foot or in a car, stay away from them. You do not need to
go near the car to talk to the people inside the vehicle.
4. If someone tries to take you somewhere, quickly get away from him or her and yell,
scream, kick, “This man/woman is trying to take me away!” or “This is not my mom or
5. You should try to use the “buddy system” and if possible, never go places alone.
6. Always ask your parents’ permission to leave the yard or play area or to go to
someone’s house.
7. Never hitch hike or try to get a ride home with anyone unless your parents have told
you it is okay to ride with him or her.
8. No one should ask you to keep a special secret. If they do, please tell your parents
or teacher.
9. Grownups should not be asking children for help. They should be asking older people.
10. No one should be asking you for directions or to look for a lost puppy or telling you
that your mother or father is in trouble and that he or she will take you to them.
11. No one should touch you on parts of the body covered by a bathing suit, nor should
you touch anyone else in these areas. Your body is special and private.
12. You can be assertive and have the right to say NO to someone who tries to take you
somewhere, touches you, or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way!!